Weekly Photo Editing #08B : Ian Hananto, Indonesia

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In light of the current Covid Crisis and Lockdown across Asia and beyond, I am offering free photo editing once a week for photographers and artists who have a body of work or series of photographs and need/want my help in editing and sequencing. This offer is open to those in Asia and all genres of work. 

Here is Week #08B : Ian Hananto, Indonesia, first published on www.instagram.com/kevinwylee.

Hi Ian,

Firstly, congratulations on getting engaged with your partner.

Your text says that this series of images is related to your upcoming wedding, and your jitters and reflections on companionship and commitment. You submitted about 40 images. You need more images, much much more, to make a good, meaningful edit. Nevertheless, I edited a sequence of 9 images.

You took quite a few images of your cat, so I took that as a cue to express what you wanted to say. I have seen your work before and have an idea of what and how you have been photographing. I’m not sure whether you’d like what I edited, and my preference for the cat and the less dramatic. But take my choices as a deliberate challenge to you to make a simple story of a cat the most epic tale of our Covid-19 times. I filmed the editing your work with more comments and advice. I will post that up shortly on IGTV and Youtube under my “#LOCKDOWN EDITING” series. Have a look when it’s up.

Hope this is helpful.


This effort is part of my “#Lockdown Editing” series, undertaken in #circuitbreaker lockdown in Singapore.

To submit your work for consideration: Send a wide edit of your photos (low res) along with a synopsis/statement to [email protected]. (NOTE: Send once only, don’t spam) I will select one work each week, edit and send back a sequence. Will also share the edited project on my and @invisphotogasia channels. Will do this as long as everyone #stayhome and there is sustained interest in this offer amidst the #covid crisis #lockdown.


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  1. That is a very kind thing to offer your fellow photographers! I have never done such a project (i.e. a sequence of shots) and think it could be beneficial. It might be time for me to start motivating myself to do it.

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