Weekly Photo Editing #08A : Aneek Mustafa Anwar, Bangladesh

Weekly Photo Editing #08A : Aneek Mustafa Anwar, Bangladesh

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In light of the current Covid Crisis and Lockdown across Asia and beyond, I am offering free photo editing once a week for photographers and artists who have a body of work or series of photographs and need/want my help in editing and sequencing. This offer is open to those in Asia and all genres of work. 

Here is Week #08A : Aneek Mustafa Anwar, Bangladesh, first published on www.instagram.com/kevinwylee.

Hi Aneek,

I enjoyed looking at your images on the demise of Bangladeshi cinema.

Here are some feedback. Firstly, your images didn’t have any captions, which it needs, particularly because you shot quite a bit of portraits. You shot a few cinema sites as well. Both these need context.

Your synopsis is quite lengthy in detail, but I feel it can be shortened and tightened to a few strong key points. Both your text and images show that you’re trying to cover the subject broadly, which may left me a little lost. I often feel the better strategy would be to zone in on 1 or 2 key points and emphasise them, rather then try to express everything there is to say. This will more effectively thread what it is you’re trying to express.

Photography is a limited medium, we often can’t express everything there is to express. It’s best to consider a photo project merely as a conversation starter through 1 or 2 key points. Once an audience is engaged, you can introduce more material. The other point I’d like to suggest is perhaps, to consider adding other mediums to still photos, audio and video.

Looking at your images of the empty and decaying cinema halls, I kept yearning see or hear the ghostly sounds and sights of by-gone cinema. I cut your wide edit of 70+ images to 12. My sequence pairs site photos of the cinemas with portraits, which would require captions moving forward. I filmed the editing your work with more comments and advice. I will post that up shortly on IGTV and Youtube under my “#LOCKDOWN EDITING” series. Have a look when it’s up.

Hope this is helpful moving forward.


This effort is part of my “#Lockdown Editing” series, undertaken in #circuitbreaker lockdown in Singapore.

To submit your work for consideration: Send a wide edit of your photos (low res) along with a synopsis/statement to [email protected]. (NOTE: Send once only, don’t spam) I will select one work each week, edit and send back a sequence. Will also share the edited project on my and @invisphotogasia channels. Will do this as long as everyone #stayhome and there is sustained interest in this offer amidst the #covid crisis #lockdown.


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