Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant Finalists

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Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant – 12th September 2011. We are very happy to announce the five finalists of the inaugural Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant. Selected by our jury panel from submissions received from all over Asia, these five finalists will have their work showcased at this year’s 7th Angkor Photo Festival, which is held from November 19 to 26, 2011, in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Kashmir Living, by Zishaan Akbar Latif

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My account of Kashmir is not conflict driven but irony driven. What I read is not what I almost saw or experienced. What I experienced was far more impactful than the misconstrued and misleading bits of news I got to read or see in the ‘safer’ parts of India. What I experienced hands-on was important to understand the ground realities of a land torn between 2 egoistic countries calling this magnificent stretch of land an “integral” part of ones country without really providing its people the elementary necessities of choice and a voice to express their need for an education, …