Photo Essay: Possible Life, by Binh Dang

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Cambodia is the most disabled country in the world. One out of every 236 people has stepped on a landmine.

There are 4-6 million landmines still in the ground, and everyday a civilian steps on one. Many of the victims are women and children who step on the mines while farming, gathering firewood or tending cows. Half of the victims die due to lack of medical facilities in Cambodia. The survivors are faced with the difficulty of starting a new life. Most victims are farmers and it is virtually impossible for an amputee to farm.

Photographer: Binh Dang | Website:

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Comments 11

  1. meskipun peristiwa angkor wat sudah sangat lama, tetapi melihat foto – foto ini sangat miris , masih menyentuh dan membuat miris hati.

  2. i’m speechless on these photos. Photography is indeed a very powerful medium. Thank you Mr. Binh Dang for sharing what your eyes have seen, and hopefully it opens doors for more help to come to Cambodia.

  3. I appreciate the story and all the wonderful photos Binh shares with us. I dont think the information that Binh has on the number of people step on the mines each day is correct, it might be true many years ago before UN had the mines clearing teams in Cambodia but not now

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