Four Leaf Clover, by Aji Susanto Anom

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Four Leaf Clover is a symbol of uncommon things and luck.

The main idea was to explore street photography without people, real people, but just tiny little things, details, fragments of our city and our livelihood. This is my little works after “Nothing Personal”. In these photographs I wanted to be more accepting of what was given than searched. I want to be relaxed, indulging in the walk, and waited to receive whatever it was that was waiting for me out there.

We connect to little things in our daily lives, but the connection is not as strong as if we were to connect to each other as people. This thought helped me in creating this work. I did not feel the same pressure I did with “Nothing Personal”. The experience was in many ways meditative.

Photographs & Text: Aji Susanto Anom | Website:


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