Photo Essay: Listening to the Dark, by Yehlin Lee 李岳凌

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After living abroad for several years, I find myself as a close stranger back to my home island Taiwan.

Same blazing heat, humid air, crowded cityscape, bustling life. Those things I used to ignore start to whisper. I can’t help but wonder: If Taiwan shapes who I am, does the dark side of the island reflects part of me that I was never aware of?

I walk on the fringe of the city with a camera, mostly when daylight falls. I turn my attention to my ears, away from city noises. Water dripping, plastic bag rustling, Karaoke songs mixed with Buddhism chant, a slight sigh echoing at the corner. When the sound resonates inside me, I click the shutter. These fragments of the island reveal our secrets, while one cannot see, but only listen.

Photographs & Text: Yehlin Lee 李岳凌, Taiwan. Website:



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